Current thoughts on Tahm Kench?

Hey all! What do you think of Tahm Kench in his release state? Is he overpowered, underpowered, or pretty balanced? How does his kit feel to play or play against? Where is he best: top, support, or somewhere else? Who does he seem to counter or be countered by? What do you think of the character overall?

I think Tahm is currently pretty good. I don't think he's overpowered, but he's definitely got good damage and tankiness Top lane and good utility that makes him a good support. His Acquired Taste is pretty intense, and seeing him run at me with his mouth open was pretty scary so props to the animators for that. I'm looking forward to trying him out because, for better or for worse, he reminds me of Gnar with his CC and the potential to still do lots of damage while being super tanky. I feel like a minor nerf may be incoming, but hopefully it won't completely ruin his top-lane potential. I also can't wait to see him in the LCS because I've already seen some really clutch plays where a Tahm will eat a teammate that's being targeted by an attack and just running away, or carrying a teammate across the map to kill a low health enemy (I died to that hiding under turret thinking Tahm wouldn't be able to kill me then an Amumu just shot out at me). My only real issue is his grey health. I know it's currently completely unseeable for some colorblind players, but even I had a hard time distinguishing it from health since I'm so conditioned to if something is there, it's health I have to take out, so it was pretty hard to gauge how well a fight was going when I couldn't see his health dropping any.

7 years ago by Fuyu with 2 comments

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  • merk

    I have seen him only three times so far so I have no real grasp on his balance state. One of those games was in support <30 area, another was top in silver elo and the last time I was playing him support on my main (only a normal so roughly plat elo).

    I think his kit is very interesting with tons of outplay potential. There is a lot you can do with eating mechanic. I do think his ultimate in itself is pretty broken. It is like a two man TF ult that can bring someone like Amumu, Galio or similar AOE CC champs in. It also enables Tahm and his adc to rotate/gank mid in no time.

    When I was facing top Tahm he felt weak, but I was playing Kayle so he didn't have a good matchup. He still managed to solokill me once after I disrespected his damage output and did not ult myself in time.

    About that grey health problem: I had that too, but it is mainly due to being a new mechanic. It kinda is the same as blackshield, just different in color. Once you get used to grey health you should be fine.

    Again, I am not sure about his numbers, but his kit is great.

  • DesiDrifter395

    I think the consensus is that he's a very strong support, but is not an optimal solo laner