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  • Crator (edited 3 years ago)

    No, never heard of it. Sounds like a good idea. Happy it's not investors.

    • double2

      Isn't it just reddit gold, but with less income for the site? I'm also slightly worried that bringing money in to tribes makes them sellable, which could end up with some of the most successful ones suddenly bottoming out through dodgy management.

      Personally, i think a site like this would be best paired to a webhosting company or something. So only one source of ads to worry about conflicts of interest with. Then if you wanted to support the site, you could buy drive space subscriptions, domains etc. IDK maybe not exactly this, but do you see what I mean? Advertising based revenue without the burden of sponsors.

      • Crator

        This is from the FAQ

        Can I ever lose my referrals? Your referrals stay tied to your account for the life of both your account and that of the referral. If a referred user deletes their profile, they will no longer appear in your referrals list. You can only lose your referrals if your referral status is terminated for violating the terms of service agreement of the referral program.

        What happens if I renounce my tribe or quit being a moderator of a tribe that I've earned referrals from? If you cease being a chief/moderator of a tribe, your referrals will stay and will still earn you money, however you will lose access to that tribe's referral program and it's promo tools. If that happens, you can't refer any more users to that tribe.

        So the refferals stay linked to one account. While a tribe probably wouldn't be to sellable, an account could be potentially. I'm sure it's the agreement that you can't. But how can they really know if it was?

        • double2 (edited 3 years ago)

          Link referrals (well, affiliate accounts) to bank accounts. Done.

          Edit: clarification...was a bit kneejerky ;)