[Site Behavior] Achievements Link only visible when on settings page

I must be missing something here, but it seems to me that when I click my profile icon, there's no achievements link. However, when I click on Profile Icon, then settings, then profile icon again, the link for achievements appears in the right menu!

Maybe there's another way to access achievements, but this was very confusing to me.

8 years ago by thesavagemonk with 4 comments

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  • drunkenninja

    Looks like you found a bug. Added to the backlog!

    • thesavagemonk

      Oh man. I was really worried I was crazy. Thanks for responding so quickly!

  • VoyagerXyX

    Go to any page that displays your profile picture on the LEFT, home button works for this.

    Click that profile picture, then click Profile Overview on the group of 3 buttons in the top right.

    Scroll down! :)

  • phosphorescent

    I noticed this but it seems to be pretty much everywhere except the front page.. Good catch though, I didn't know if it was intentional for some reason.