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[Features] Tribe title styling

As I've been creating banners for my tribes, I've noticed that it can be tricky to create a decent looking banner that doesn't affect the readability of the title text for the tribe. This is a very "picky" example, but if you take this tribe's banner, the drop shadow of the text doesn't match the flatness of the "?!" on the right. I've noticed on other tribes that it can be difficult to distinguish the title from their banner altogether.

One solution would be to provide very basic styling tools to the tribe chiefs (e.g. select white or black text and yes/no drop shadow of the opposite color).

3 years ago by thesavagemonk with 4 comments

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  • picklefingers

    Overall, having a bit more freedom with the design of our tribes would be great. I'm itching to change up the css of my tribe.

    • jmcs

      The problem with css styling is that will be abused eventually (see Myspace and some of the smaller subs on reddit). I think a balance is needed, and allowing users to change the css directly is not balanced at all.

      • picklefingers

        I'm not talking about reddit level control. I think the basic format of snapzu should still be in place. I'm mainly talking about sidebar, fonts, colors, etc.

    • Axiomatic (edited 3 years ago)

      This is actually currently the Topic of the Week over at /t/TribeTalk. Personally, I am torn in between the uniformity and cleanliness of tribes as they are now, and the complete freedom of customization that accompanies CSS editing.