[Features] A section within tribes from chiefs and their moderators to have private discussions.

Forgive me if this feature is already implemented in this site; I'm new and still learning. From what I can tell tho, the only way for mods to correspond atm is via PM. And unless I'm also mistaken about this, its not possible to have a pm conversation with more than two users.

Implementing this functionality would make it much easier for Chiefs and their mod teams to run their tribes.

7 years ago by Fathomite with 8 comments

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  • imnotgoats

    I like this as a 'nice-to-have'. It could either be like a multi-PM or a normal tribe post that is only visible to the chief/mods of that tribe (text only).

    • redalastor

      I'm a mod on reddit, we have multi-PMs and it's not enough.

      Part of the reasons for the "give us better tools" movement.

      Full shadow tribe would be best.

      • nauthas

        I'm not sure how we do that though, like do we have a cap limit on the size the tribe should be before others can see the place? Will it be selective? I just don't like reddits modtalk. It seemed too selective, and eventually clouded over a lot of transparency, I mean I've heard so many times of the "leaks" from mod talk these places where mods are actively railing against there userbase. So I'm just wondering how it might be done effectively?

        • redalastor

          We're talking about what reddit calls the modmail.

        • eikonoklastes

          Part of why I left was because of all the shadowy stuff going on in the background, but a "chief section" would only be for the respective tribe's chief and mods. What we should avoid are private invitation-only tribes, because that's what modtalk and defaultmods are. That's what fostered all that elitism over at Reddit. Who knows what else is hidden in all the private subreddits...

          • nauthas

            Yeah I agree, we've got to find a balance in between, letting everyone in and only letting small communities in. Maybe make it so that instead of being an invite tribe it works by what your tribe's level is at.

  • joker

    +1 for that idea

    I'd love to be able to have an area where the tribe elders can just talk amongst themselves.

    (a shameless plug: /t/chiefs is now open...)

  • Gozzin

    I think this is important. I'm a mod on a small Linux forum and we have our own area with the admen to discuss things as they come up.