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  • drunkenninja (edited 3 years ago)

    I apologize if I came off that way, I didn't mean to offend, I was only suggesting that these "default" tribes ie. cars, food, medicine, animals, etc. are regarded to host misc stories / content that fit into the general nature of the subject matter they stand for which is subjective for anyone looking to submit content. And thus the reason why my suggestion was to create a new tribe that is named more appropriately for what the expected content should be.

    Maybe you have a point about the self-driving car accident scenario. I will say this though: if I search for "elliot rodger" on snapzu and look at all the snaps from about a year ago, I will find they are posted to /t/guns , /t/crime, /t/news, etc. but I won't find any posted to /t/cars even though he used his car to run over several people after stabbing and shooting several other people.

    As for the car argument, I feel it's because cars were originally invented as a mode of transportation and are considered to this day to be such devices, they can be used as deadly weapons and sometimes are but in general that is not why the car exists. Guns on the other hand were invented to kill things, its the sole reason for their invention even though they can be used for so much more, ie, target shooting, skeet shooting, celebratory purposes, home defence, and much more.

    Either way, I think the best possible course of action is to create a niche tribe that focuses on the positive side of guns, and create rules that reinforce this approach. BTW, I hunt, lots, and I own rifles and restricted firearms which I take to the range on a regular basis. I am not arguing for or against guns here.