[Meta] Could we have individual gaming tribes on the sidebar?

7 years ago by Lyzern with 17 comments

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Conversation 12 comments by 6 users
  • 3rdWheel

    This comment has been removed

  • BlankWindow

    /t/destinythegame is trying to get off its feet or even get some feet at this point. Love to see any of you addicts over there.

    • ClarkKent

      I'll join! :)!

      • BlankWindow

        Well I think you may be the 9th or 10th! Yay friends!

  • thirdmuse

    I'd be really excited to see some gaming tribes, or just maybe some general genres like Simulation, 4x, mmos, mobas, whatever. If anyone has some tribe suggestions for any of those I'd be more than happy to join! Thanks in advance.

    • Lyzern

      I crated /mmorpgs but there was already /mmorpg, you should join mmorpg