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Text Post: Sell me on the PS4 posted by 5irKarl
  • utesred

    I haven't used Xbox's deals with Gold, but here's what I've gathered previously. If I'm wrong and someone wants to chime in and correct me, feel free. As far as I know though, here's the main differences:

    Xbox's deals with Gold has three games per month. They release one Xbone game at the start of the month, which you can get any time during the month. They also release one 360 game at the start of the month to the 15th, and then a second from the 16th to the end of the month. You get to keep the 360 game even if your membership lapses. Xbone games must have an active membership to play.

    PS+ offers two PS4 games, two PS3 games, and two Vita games per month. Typically, a handful of them are multiplatform games; so you can have several extra for any given console each month. All of the games require an active membership to play.

    The PS4 UI is really clean and quick. It's worked excellently for me. While I miss several aspects of the PS3 UI, I think it's a move forward in most respects. I've never noticed any UI lag until recently, during playing Arkham Knight and pressing the PS button to move through the menus. I'm not sure if that was a fluke. Outside of that though, I've never noticed lags or slowdowns like the PS3 did, when you were playing a game.

    • 5irKarl

      Can you listen to music in game?

      • utesred

        Yes, you definitely can. The coolest new update for me brought Spotify to the PS4. There's just something special about playing your own music while cruising the streets of Los Santos.