• Fuyu

    I'm an inherently competitive person and before League, the only real PvP games I knew of were FPS, fighting games, and of course MMORPG combat. I'm terrible at FPS; the only real fighting game I like is Super Smash Bros and Nintendo has never been the best for online play; and MMORPGs require investment that isn't play a ton to get good, it's just play to get gear and levels otherwise you don't stand a chance. So League kind of became that competitive game for me.

    I enjoy the MOBA format more than I enjoy League itself. The starting at level 1 and building up to a higher level in a single game, as well as purchasing items each game makes the gameplay feel more customizable, especially when you use a variety of champions. You're not just doing the same thing every fight like you would be in games with a single character, there's actual strategy and in-game adaptions you need to make. Some of my favorite champions are the ones that can go full damage, full tank, or somewhere in between depending on what the match calls for and still be good (compared to some champions that just can't do one or the other).

    The quick gameplay, and always starting at level 1 makes it so if something isn't good, you can always do something different next time, compared to other games where you build up in a certain path and there's very rarely any going back on that except for just restarting.

    The only reason I particularly like League over any other MOBA is because League was the first one I've played and I've spent over 600 hours playing it and so I know the champions pretty well and how things work. Also the variety in champions helps. I can't get into Heroes of the Storm specifically because I can't find a hero that feels good even though I like the gameplay and maps a lot more.

    Honestly though, if you're not into League, you're better off not trying to jump in now. It's still very much a grinding experience to get to actual content (you have an account level that goes up to 30 and restricts some things at lower levels) and the people are absolutely horrible. The stereotypical Xbox 13-year-old is an angel compared to some of the people I've had to play with.

    • MyAnacondaDoes

      The starting at level 1 and building up to a higher level in a single game, as well as purchasing items each game makes the gameplay feel more customizable.

      Now this is exactly what I was looking for. Nobody ever really was able to explain it in a way that would appeal to me, or use laymans terms so I couldn't really figure it out. This is the exact reason why I play The Binding of Isaac. You start each and every game at what would be considered "level 0" and you experience building a character and beating a game in a matter of ~40 mins. So similarly, League would be like a competitive multiplayer experienced condensed to 1 match.

      The stereotypical Xbox 13-year-old is an angel compared to some of the people I've had to play with.

      This is another reason I was turned off from MOBAs, but I should probably check some others out. Because it sounds like loads of fun.

      Thanks for taking the time to explain!

      • Fuyu

        Not a problem! I would recommend Heroes of the Storm if you're looking for one to get into. Instead of items, at interval levels (I think it's every 4th level) you choose a different power-up for your Hero. It can change your abilities to make one more powerful or do additional things or gives you additional spells to use (usually something like a shield or dash). Plus, you can select your 4th spell (your most powerful one) from two different options for your hero. The matches are also generally quicker because you're constantly doing quests/objectives as a team (League has a "lane phase" where people are mostly on their own and are just killing small monsters for gold or dueling their lane opponent to get stronger before they start grouping up as a team to take objectives), and it has multiple maps so gameplay is varied even more.

        From my experience, DOTA2 has the highest learning curve, but also the most features and all champions are free (biggest problem with free to play games, unless you want to pay a lot of money, it's going to take some time to unlock all the characters). Strife is very beginner friendly and has a much lower complexity, but that's also it's biggest fault as it gets old after a while, and thus has a low user base (I'm not even certain if it is going to be around in a few years because of this, but I haven't looked at it in about a year so things may have changed). Smite is also a good one if you want a MOBA experience with a more action-y feel since instead of a top-down view it uses a 3rd person over the shoulder perspective and is pretty newbie friendly because you can automate all skill leveling and item purchases at first; it's doing pretty well for itself alongside League and DOTA plus if you like it, you can buy all current and future characters for about 30USD.