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  • Expression
    2 years ago
    by drunkenninja
    +1 +1

    How to cheat your Fitbit - Psst: You're going to need a puppy or a power tool.

    Last year, when MNN blogger Michael d'Estries found himself on the losing end of a Fitbit challenge he was competing in with friends, he walked around his neighborhood until the late hours of the night in 10-degree windchill to gain extra steps. Little did he know that all he needed was an electric saw and he could have won that challenge without taking a single step in the cold. Until recently, I had no idea fitness tracker cheating was even possible. But in a world where fitness tracking and health data sharing has become the norm, I suppose I shouldn't be surprised. We've become so competitive about our exercise that even when...

  • Analysis
    1 year ago
    by TNY
    +21 +1

    Fitbit is reportedly buying troubled smartwatch maker Pebble for around $40 million

    It looks consolidation is acoming to the wearables space with Fitbit set to acquire smartwatch maker and $20 million Kickstarter-darling Pebble, according to..

  • Current Event
    8 months ago
    by cone
    +11 +1

    Fitbit Did What You Wanted and Basically Made a Pebble

    I haven’t asked for a lot from Fitbit over the years. Really only one thing. I would like another Pebble—a gorgeous smartwatch that lasts for days, has a healthy selection of apps, and isn’t sized to fit the wrist of a seven foot tall, 300-pound football player. Finally, I think, Fitbit might be giving me what I wanted. Fitbit’s acquisition of Pebble was the silver lining when it became clear that Pebble wasn’t going to make it at the end of 2016. Indie smartwatch fans were screwed by the shutdown—their e-ink watches doomed to junk drawers once support lapsed...

  • Current Event
    4 months ago
    by everlost
    +10 +1

    Fitbit Shows Promise in Tracking Performance, Predicting Cancer Outcomes

    Fitbit isn’t only for the neighborhood jogger. In a new study, researchers from Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and Johns Hopkins University found that a Fitbit device successfully gathered real-time, objective data on patients with cancer, helping clinicians predict outcomes. Although researchers cautioned against making larger generalizations due to the nature of the participants and the small sample size, they said the study suggested that the kinds of physical activity measured...