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Weekly Post: What are you cooking this week?

Share your recipes, projects, experiments, and results from your cooking this week!

3 years ago by thesavagemonk with 5 comments

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  • OL44893

    It's Autumn where I live so I'm making chicken pot pie (one to eat and one for the freezer) and a cornmeal cake with honey butter frosting. The neighbor gave me a ridiculous amount of figs so I think I'll do some fig preserves too.

  • sarcasimo

    I think this barely counts as cooking, but I just finished making a batch of dill weed oyster crackers to take to work over the next week or two.

    I say it barely counts because it's really just a matter of putting oyster crackers, dill weed, garlic powder, lemon pepper, powdered ranch dressing, some varieties of Ms. Dash and oil in a bowl. Mix together, and let sit.

    Voila, bachelor chow!

  • natethegreat

    This week I'm learning about homemade pasta sauce. The tomato garden behind my house has about another week or so before they start coming in, and I've never made sauce before, so I thought now would be a good chance. I've seen a couple different recipes and they all look great. Can't decide which I'm going to go off of yet.

  • smackababy

    I'm making low-carb baked jalapeno poppers with chorizo and cream cheese. I've found that while I've been doing the low-carb thing I've craved Mexican food more than anything else, so I'm trying stuff to see what can scratch that itch. Last week I made burritos with high-fiber tortillas and an unreasonable amount of cheese (which turned out amazing), but I'm still looking for a decent side to replace refried beans.

  • isosphere

    I made a stir-fry out of udon noodles, chicken, bell peppers, red onion, garlic, mushrooms, , soya sauce, and butter. The secret ingredient is the butter. It's very easy to make, and I can get several days worth of meals out of it! I'm motivated to buy a pan twice as large as my largest so I can get twice the amount of food out of it - I can't produce enough to need to freeze anything yet.