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Anyone around here like to kayak?

In an hour or two I'm going to be hitting some of that sweet Texas bayou water. I've got a favorite spot that takes me a couple of hours to paddle around and sits right in the middle of a nature preserve. The best part? The place is just full of gators so you have some amazing opportunities to get some nice pictures.

3 years ago by schrodingersman with 9 comments

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  • massani

    I love kayaking. I don't get that often of a chance too, but when I do, it's very rewarding. Last time I went kayaking was at a Wildlife Refuge in Florida. It was really awesome kayaking through mangrove forests.

  • geogrammer (edited 3 years ago)

    Just spent a few hours kayaking around an estuary on the Oregon Coast yesterday. Heaps of fun :)

    • schrodingersman

      From the very small part of it I've seen Oregon is beautiful. Went to a wedding in the Portland area and we went up to Multnomah Falls. I would much prefer to have a place like that around than the coastal prairie of Texas.

      • geogrammer

        Come on back! My favorite part of Oregon (and the whole West Coast) is the variety of landscapes there are in a relatively small area. Arid scrubland in the east, glaciated volcanoes in the Cascades, and a dramatic coastline! I've seen some amazing photos of Texas too, though. I would love to check out that part of the country.

  • dh0271

    I have been once and it was great. Me and my girlfriend are trying to decide if we want 2 single kayaks or a double.

    • schrodingersman

      I would say get two kayaks. A double can really test your patience when you start to get tired :) I've used both, the benefit of you each having your own is two fold. One you can each go by yourselves if the occasions warrants it and two they are easier to move around. A big ole two seater also doesn't handle as well on the water. In the end it's up to personal preference though.

  • ortsac

    I've loved it every time I've had the chance to go kayaking. Is there much danger being around those gators in a kayak??

    • schrodingersman

      As long as you leave them alone they leave you alone. It's there but pretty small as long as you aren't doing something stupid. Just keep an eye on them and you'll be fine. Only time I blood starts pumping is when they slip off of the bank and disappear under the water.

  • Cheski

    I haven't been kayaking in years. I used to white water kayak on the St. Francis river in Missouri and the Nantahala river in North Carolina. Those were my favorite ones anyway. Never paddled in Texas.