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What's the one stupid conversation you always seem to fall into with your family

Mine is about the Honoris Causa phd Celine Dion received. My mother insists it is deserved.

- She didn't do anything that comes even close of deserving an academic award!
- But she is very successful, it's important to acknowledge it.
- That's why she has a walk-in full of trophies!

It's been years and I have no idea why it keeps coming back.

4 years ago by redalastor with 4 comments

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  • gremlin

    The continued discussion about my eldest brother. He doesn't have a good enough job or he isn't in a relationship....

    I honestly think my eldest brother is doing quite fine in life and that his choices are none of their business. I think he's quite fiscally responsible.

  • ColonBowel

    My grandfather is weird. He's like...kinda "racists" but against English speaking people (he came to the US from Montreal). I don't know if that makes sense, but he thinks he's clever because every time he gets drunk and is going to make fin of us English-speaking Americans, he says that he's going to put on his blokeface...whatever that means.

    • redalastor

      I can shed some lights.

      Bloke, in French, is a slur like nigger, chink, and so on.

      When your grandfather was young, the local catholic church would tell him it is wrong to pursue any higher education, that was for the English. So all the businesses were owned by them. And if you went into a store, the owner would prevent his French speaking employees from speaking to him in French. If they did, he'd tell them to speak white. And depending how old he is, he may have been told to speak white, the language of the British master race (the master race bit got dropped after Hitler ran that expression into the ground but speak white was a common thing until at least the 80s).

      I could go on for a long while (actually, I can suggest a good book series that do if you are interested).

      Point is, your grandfather had a legitimate beef in the past with people speaking English and discriminating against him based on his language.

      It doesn't excuse him now but it gives some context.

  • schrodingersman

    Up until very recently gay marriage. Dad has always been against it I've always been for it. The two of us tend to talk politics quite a bit. It's a fun for the two of us as we tend to be able to talk about it, disagree, and still not hate each other by the end of it. For the last 8-9 years I've been trying every argument I could think of trying to change his mind with no avail. Now that the issue has been decided I imagine we will still talk about it.