A day unplugged-when was the last time you left the devices and screens for a day.

It's getting harder to get unplugged with the many electronic devices in our lives. When was the last time you turned off the phone, shut off the GPS, ignored email, switched off the TV, computer and tablet and just did something it else for a day. What did you do and how was it. I can't think of a day recently without at least something that plugs in.

5 years ago by Fooferhill with 6 comments

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  • Fuyu

    Maybe like... a decade ago? It would have probably had to be a camping thing or something where I just couldn't bring anything.

    My life revolves around technology. So there really is no "unplugging" for a day.

    • Fooferhill

      It's amazing how much the devices are part of everyday. I love the occasional day where I don't bother with it.

  • fanficmistress

    A little over a year ago. We went on our honeymoon at an all inclusive and I refused to sit on my phone all day when I was laying on the beach with a drink in my hand.

    • Fooferhill

      Ha-sounds wonderful and like you decided to enjoy the moment.

      • fanficmistress

        Yes it was great to not have to constantly check the phone.

  • Bastou

    Last year's vacation. The next one will be in two weeks, for this year's vacation. For me a vacation with electronic devices is not a vacation.