[Question] What would YOU like to see in this tribe? *IMPORTANT PLEASE READ

Pretty self-explanatory. However, as we keep growing, I would like to know what people have as ideas for the tribe. I have some of my own, but please share any ideas that you have as well!

  • Daily Themed Discussions

Each day of the week we would have a themed discussion (e.g. Music Mondays, Selfie Saturdays, etc.) stuff like that.

  • Tagged Posts

Tagging your posts as [Meta], [Discussion], [Question], etc.


If you have any ideas of your own, or if you like these ideas, please share in the comments!

5 years ago by massani with 6 comments

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  • ortsac

    Really I just want more posts to comment on! A daily or weekly discussion would be perfect

    • massani (edited 5 years ago)

      I'll keep that in mind! I may end up doing discussion posts every other day until we get a larger community. It would also be nice if other people created discussion posts too.

      Thanks for the suggestion though ortsac!

  • frohawk

    Can there be a post to vent/crowd source general irritants of the day/week?

    I'd feel like a Debbie Downer making a post inviting people to vent about long days out of thin air.

  • Bastou

    Should we allow links at all? There's an option to only allow discussions. This tribe seems like a good candidate for a discussion-only status.