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    I came here from Reddit, you guys are going to have problems for days.

    I love the layout here, absolutely amazing

    • picklefingers

      It's one of the things that first attracted me to the site. Felt like I was finally out of the mid 2000s.

    • wheels29

      Definitely my favorite layout that I saw while searching for a new home.

      • trevorw14

        Is there anything similar to a 'dark theme' for Snapzu by any chance?

        • picklefingers

          There was an unofficial one created by a member, but it looks like it was abandoned. Nothing official from the Snapzu team.

    • Kysol

      I think we weathered the FPH exodus fairly well (can't really say as I'm not sitting behind consoles watching machines burn while spooling up new VM's). But I agree, I think that with every passing day that the main subreddits stay private and new ones join them, Reddit will become a ghost town. Personally, I'd be spooling up like a bank of nodes and looking into expanding a CDN / regional nodes just incase things explode.

    • Swervz

      I really like the design of the site, will take some getting used to but I can already see how much better it is.

    • Aleenik

      Yes, I agree, the layout is awesome. On Reddit, I see Voat is being recommended the most as a Reddit alternative and /r/voat itself has had some really popular posts lately, but I am not a big fan of the design. I appreciate that it is Reddit without badmins (so far), but I am looking for something that isn't just a clone of Reddit's aesthetics with slight improvements in functionality. Snapzu seems to fulfill that desire.