• Burt (edited 7 years ago)

    This isn't exactly on topic, but something thats been bothering me about the XP system and account leveling.

    What is to stop someone from selling their high level account to marketers? If this site were to get bigger, it would be extremely lucrative to level up accounts and sell them to companies in order for them to use them to advertise.

    What is going to be put in place to prevent abuse of advertisements such as this?

    People who have accounts with high reputation will even be targeted by companies to sell their accounts to them. Who would say no to selling their random Snapzu account for $1000?

    I fear, if this place were to get as big as reddit, power users could become a problem due to the current system in place.

    • Cobbydaler

      Reporting such posts as spam would alert the Snapzu team. I guess any account resorting to this would be terminated pretty quickly.

    • aj0690

      Technically this could be a problem with any website that uses a progression approach. A hard stance on buy/selling accounts should be enough to stop 99% of it happening as no one would want to loose an account that took years to level up.

    • eilyra

      Well, depending on how overt the advertising is, I'd imagine the reputation of that user would fall quite quickly. It may still be deemed that it would be a worthwhile investment, though I'd assume a quick negative reaction through negative reputation would perhaps lead to questioning if the move is hurting or helping their goal of advertising. I'd also imagine users that suddenly start spamming a lot would end up getting banned, possibly before the reach desired was achieved, which could create disincentive for going this route (very unreliable ROI).