• pho

    There’s so much information, I have never felt “ready” if you know what I mean. I worry much less about the content and more about monitoring and promoting a website.

    • odingaming

      It's definitely an effort. I was much the same. At some point I just got cracking and started getting feedback, making incremental changes rather than having everything perfect at once. After a year, the whole blog undoubtedly looks better and more professional than when I began. The technical skills ("monitoring and promoting a website") come in time and piece-wise.

      If you've got content, just get cracking. That's the main thing.

      • drunkenninja

        Blogging definitely requires the effort to spread your message to as many people as you can, I find many people underestimate it or are just generally scared of doing it. One step at a time is the way to go, start small and keep improving as you said.

      • thedevil

        Great reply. What's your blog if you don't mind me asking?

      • pho