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How much researching do you do before writing?

Or do you just jump in and write and do the research as you go?

10 months ago by xXwraithXx with 5 comments

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  • paddystacks

    Definitely before. And I get too hung up on it sometimes.

  • rishard

    I tend to write and research at the same time.

  • FF88

    Write when I'm inspired. Getting it down while it is fresh on my mind. The editing and re-writes come later.

    • drunkenninja

      I find that I have fantastic ideas at the wrong times and I must rush to get to a note book or note down the gist of it on my phone. But definitely as soon as the time is available I will try and flush out a rough draft, and jump back in later to finish up.

  • thedevil

    It really depends on the subject matter.