On promoting audio drama

This came up in a facebook group recently. Someone asked about promoting others' shows, calling them your competitors. My response:

The way I see it, we're not competing with other audio drama. We're competing with other forms of entertainment. We want audiences listening to audio drama instead of watching movies or TV or video games.

So the way I see it, the more audio drama someone listens to, the more invested they are in the media. The more of a normal option it looks like to them, instead of (for example) a quaint gimmick.

The more they talk about it.

The more they try to get their friends into it.

The more communities they build.

So getting people to listen to more AD is good for all of us. Promote shows you think will hook people, because addicts will experiment beyond the one show that gets them started.


5 years ago by mcoorlim with 1 comments

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  • AlexanderDanner

    Agreed. Every show is a gateway to other shows. In particular, promoting shows that might have a similar appeal to your own is a way of reaching out to the audience of that other show--and of putting their audience in touch with your audience, to enable that word-of-mouth promotion to a potential audience likely to be receptive to your work.