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Is family more important than society, to you?

1 year ago by EdvardMuchies with 4 comments

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  • CrookedTale

    No coments on this? Wow, I would be thinking that this be an easy answer either way. Oh course in my own mind I have to say family before society, but I think I am fooling myself a bit. Society has not always treated me well, for many years, alas decades, I did not fit. In my mind family was always closest. But then I died, or almost again, and family seemed strange. I have been a castaway of sorts with family. The black sheep, or flag, so to say. I have known this to be true for some time. The one who leads the family, so he calls himself, reveled in my leaving. Blood on itself is just blood, water is just water. What does family fear in me? The fact that it has been twice now that death has come. Is it my insistence that the rulers of this family are not in the right? I am not a good man or a just man. My failures are my own and I hold them true to my heart. Perhaps in this day and age society is more accepting. It has changed so much. Well this is not an easy answer at all. Perhaps it is a trick question you posted? A trap perhaps?

    • EdvardMuchies

      No trap. I just like to here others perspectives on topics like this. My thought is that family is more important but, as with you, we don't get to pick our family.

      Thank you for your response.

      • CrookedTale

        For some maybe family is important. I ended up telling most of mine off and disowning them. Me son, wife, mum and a few of the stranger ones like me is all I talk to now. They others make my blood boil and that is one thing I do not need right now. If your family is good to you and yours then keep em, if they try to scuttle ya throw them over the side.

  • Appaloosa

    I am fortunate to have a good family, so for me they are a refuge. As pointed out, you don't choose your family, and if it's a bad situation that is unresolvable, move on, because that's what life is going to do no matter what you want. Some of what you want requires effort on your own part to get to an environment that you can not just survive in, but thrive in.