• zerozechs

    Information availability. 30 years ago to find out some basic facts you'd have to hope it was in the household dictionary, because if it wasn't you'd have to make a trip to the library and search through a card catalog to find the right book (if they had it) for the information you needed. Now, you can just google. People are swimming in information and take it for granted.

    • grandtheftsoul

      No more bar bets!

    • SuperCyan

      If it weren't for the internet, I'd probably be a lot different.

      There's so many things I've learned on the internet - both factual and moral. My hobbies rely on the internet, and the knowledge it's given me. I'd have no clue how to do a lot of the things I can without instruction from the internet. There's so much information available at my fingertips, that I can self-teach myself things that you could only learn in a classroom 30 years ago.