• thraenthraen

    Weirdly enough, a single dog hair. It managed to get lodged into my foot, creeping in slower and slower, and I couldn't figure out what was causing me so much pain. I'd take off my shoe, shake it out, put it back on, and nothing changed. Frantically scraped inside for whatever tiny sharp object was causing me pain, still no change. It went on for a long time before I found the hair and pulled it out. It has happened a few times, but at least now I figure it out much quicker. It's weird because I grew up with dogs and never had this problem until the current dog.

    • drunkenninja

      Is your dog the product of a test tube experiment with superman's dna? How the hell is a dog hair strong enough to pierce your foot?

      • Amulet

        The same thing has happened to me. Got a labrador, and its hairs have some damned magic hooks that make them get stuck on cloth surfaces. I suppose when a hair's tip is pressed against the skin under your foot, it can actually get lodged into the skin. It seems rare, though, considering the amount of dog hair inside my shoes. :)