• smackababy

    Driving in upstate New York, I saw this all the time when the weather got bad. Most people had the sense to just pull over and wait it out if the snow got really bad, but everyone once in a while you'd see someone who just couldn't bring themselves to slow down no matter what... inevitably, you'd see them stuck off the road entirely at the next bend in the road.

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    • shadow1515

      As a fellow upstate NYer, I want to add that this can apply equally to something as seemingly innocuous as rain. We get some crazy microbursts, to the point that even new tires on a decent road can and will hydroplane. Also, HEADLIGHTS. If your windshield wipers are on, so should be your headlights, but people just don't seem to get this. It makes it so much easier to see and avoid hitting other cars.