• Boop

    I've done this many times with my posts and still no one comments on them. A few upvotes so I know there's interest, yet still no comments or replies.

    • spaceghoti

      It's impossible to predict what will spark people's interest enough to stimulate conversation. I've posted some things that I thought were fascinating and would be fodder for a good discussion, only to get cricket song in response. Other submissions I thought wouldn't generate much interest spawned dozens of comments.

      If there's a formula behind this phenomenon, it thus far escapes me.

      • click

        truth. on other sites something I thought would interest maybe 5 people gained 100s of views and dozens of comments, and other things got nothing. Bizarre.

        • spaceghoti

          Clearly the problem is that not enough people think like me. This will have to change after I become the Supreme Dictator of Earth.

          (Do I need a /s tag here?)

        • madjo
          @spaceghoti -

          All hail Spaceghoti, the fish from space we need to lead the world.