• Bastou

    I tend to agree and usually do just that, but the problem remains the base goal of any language : to get understood. I usually end up saying words the closest that I can to their original pronunciation in the language they were borrowed from, but too often people just don't understand. So I end up having to exaggerate the bad pronunciation after 2 or 3 tries. But if the situation seems appropriate (receptive interlocutor, not in a line with people waiting after me...) I'll explain how and why I pronounced it the way I did, and if I can, what the word means and what language it came from.

    I'm a bit passionate about languages, speaking 6 (among which 3 fluently). I always kind of hope that I'm not annoying people with it. And especially that I don't sound elitist, or pedantic because of it, since it couldn't be farthest from my personality. But I know it sometimes feel like it, it goes with general education, knowledge and language ability.

    • spaceghoti

      If someone fails to understand you, you can then follow up with the bastardized version with the explanation that you learned to say it the first way. That way you get to make yourself understood while also educating the person you're speaking with.