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Have we stopped trying to grow this place?

This is a serious discussion but are the Admins still trying to grow this place? I am sure it has to be somewhat of a money pit? But what have been the analytics on this place? Are you guys looking for a small knit community? Which that's great! It just seems ever since everything has gone back to normal. (Not as much reddit drama) that we are lacking on the discussions.

What do you guys think?

4 years ago by ClarkKent with 4 comments

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  • SuperCyan

    Honestly, I wish this place would grow more.

    I came over during the Reddit refugee crisis, not to escape "muh censorship," but to no longer have to deal with all of the infighting. Reddit keeps getting more and more political, as different subs hate each other, because they like other subs. You can't even get through a gaming discussion without two "factions" trying to fight over inane details of things that have nothing to do with the topic of the thread. It's always people complaining about the SJWs, or the reactionaries, or /r/the_donald, or /r/shitredditsays. It never stops.

    Even though I can't stand Reddit anymore, I still spend more time there than here. The one thing the site still has going for it is the discussion. Even though it likes to get political and angry, there's the occasional thread where everything is kinda okay. The discussions here are a lot nicer, but they're so few and far in between, that it's boring. An empty room is better than a belligerent party, but it's lonely.

  • IridescentOak

    Well, more people are always nice, but you saw what happened with the reddit refugee thing a while back; bunches of one-login users flooded the site, a lot of them bringing along reddit-quality content. Which, I don't mean to knock reddit since I still use the gaming subs on it, but you have to admit that there's a clear difference in tiers of content between the two sites.

    But while I love our tight-knit community, I really do wish we had more good users, too. I do my part by introducing my IRL friends to Snapzu, though I've found that very few are interested enough to make an account. (That may just be my specific friend group, though. :p) So I say the more the merrier, but we need to have some sort of method to it beyond linking the site while redditors are angry and rebelling. The invite codes are a good first step, imo.

    • spaceghoti

      I don't think the OP really objects to reddit style content or behavior, so long as the admins don't inconvenience him.

      • IridescentOak

        I don't think the OP really objects to reddit style content or behavior

        Sorry if it seemed like I was implying that OP dislikes it, as that was not my intention. I'm just putting my personal opinion here, since I am a fan of Snapzu's unique feel with its content and userbase.