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Hey Snapzites, so I was feeling down this past couple of days but I'm sort of fine now, what do you guys do when you are feeling down to overcome it?

So I really wish I could answer all of you but thanks for the tips and I will try some of these out thanks :D

4 years ago by Aticusdarklord with 10 comments

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  • GingerBreadMan

    I work out. Nothing better than getting your endorphins rolling and concentrating on your body rather than your mind. They are Natural Pain and Stress Fighters

    • stitches

      always feel a million time better after I go out for a run if I'm feeling shitty or stressed.

  • hitthee (edited 4 years ago)

    It all really depends on why.

    I watch old movies that remind me of people and better times but when its really bad the solution ends up being a cuddly beagle.

  • imnotgoats

    Anything creative. It was the mechanism I learnt as a teenager to stave off gloom, and I've been doing it ever since. The sense of accomplishment when I've created something is a huge, huge high.

    Also, anything physical. This also works as a quick pick-me-up pretty much every time.

  • schrodingersman

    Go hiking and try to accomplish a small task that is visible. What I mean by the second part is say cleaning a room. When the task is complete you have a very concrete and visible indicator that you have accomplished something. That's just one example if I'm super down it can be something as simple as brushing my teeth. Then you just try and keep that up. Conversely when I'm super down I just tend to go camping for a weekend or go hiking when I can. The peace of it allows me time to think about why I'm feeling down. Try to puzzle it out which will give you the tools to try and help yourself.

  • papervoid

    I try to zoom out my perspective a little. Have I done everything I can do to fix my situation? What would other people do in my situation given the same resources? How are do other people perceive how I am reacting or how are they affected by it? Is this worth spending the time to wallow over in the grand scheme of my life? It helps me open up a little more instead of rolling up into myself and making things worse from the inside out.

  • NerfYoda

    I used to order Chinese food and watch Netflix. After a while I realized that only made it worse. Now I go on a bike ride, write software, or pick up a guitar. Nothing like a long bike ride to clear your mind. :)

  • oystein

    Exercise, plenty sleep and nourishing food.

  • DrunkOldMan

    Take a bike ride, it's amazing how it calms me down if that don't work I usually grab the alcohol.

  • Xeno

    I usually sleep a lot, keep busy with productive tasks, or find someone to keep my mind off things.

    Plugging for relevancy, this is one of the reasons I started /t/needafriend ... feel free to check it out.