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What is the first thing you do when you wake up?

Are you part of the chug water crowd, do you stumble in to pee, do you immediately hit the floor and start doing push ups batman style? I'm a traditionalist I can't do anything in the morning until I pee. Then I can do all the other things I need to in the morning. but god help you if you try and stop that piss.

4 years ago by schrodingersman with 21 comments

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  • captainjib

    For me, there's usually a long period of time between when I wake up and when I actually get up out of bed. I can spend up to an hour just enjoying the warmth and comfort and delaying my responsibilities. It never feels as good once you get up and come back!

    • schrodingersman

      I don't think I could lay there for that long. Once I'm awake I just need to get up granted I have no problem doing something for an hour and then falling right back to sleep.

  • Loki

    When I first wake up, I usually immediately check a new aggregator of some sort, just to make sure WWIII hasn't started or something. After that, it depends if it's a work day or not. If work day, Immediately get up and head to the gym. If not work day, lay in bed and read some ebooks on my phone.

  • Lythos

    Gauge how much more time I can spend sleeping and set another alarm for the last possible second.

    • dmt1170 (edited 4 years ago)

      My plan is to do that the night before so I get as much sleep as possible in and don't have to set another alarm, I've never understood setting one only to set another after it woke you up

      • Lythos

        I plan on waking up early with good intentions and when I get there, I sleep until much later. It's a tragically flawed system.

        • dmt1170

          I usually set mine so that I really don't have the option of sleeping in any more so I wake up in a half panic and have to start moving right away

          • Lythos

            That's what my next alarm does.

  • exikon

    Stop my phone from getting louder and louder. Then I reach above my head and hit the radio that's on the shelf to start right in time for the news.

  • Csellite

    Check to see if I got any comments on snapzu! XP

  • madjo

    Hit the snooze button and sleep for another half hour. Because my morning self is a dick to my day self.
    And the second time I wake up, I check my email on my phone then go for a pee, brush teeth, shower, get dressed and race to the office.

  • nauthas

    Spend a deep and meaningful hour asking myself philosophical questions like -"If I never get out of bed, will I eventually be forgotten?" and " What if I give in and reside back to my dreams, what is the meaning of life?" Then I get up because I get twenty phone calls from my friends who think I'm dead because I called them at 7:10 instead of 7:05.

  • hitthee (edited 4 years ago)


    I stumble blindly and half asleep down to the patio door to let the dogs out.

    Every day at 5:45 on the dot like clockwork I am poked awake by a barrage wet noses. In the winter I often have to shovel snow to give my fuzzy buddies a place to pee. I'm on autopilot. I've caught myself shoveling air once or twice because I was expecting snow.. I'm not exactly a morning person. After the dogs are out I blindly stumble back up to the kitchen for my morning pot of coffee. I'll have a cup then depending on the weather and season I'll take my coffee and join my dogs outside.

  • jessdabess

    Feed my cats. Otherwise they won't stop pulling my hair :(.

  • stoa

    Check Snapzu while making some coffee.

  • RoMS (edited 4 years ago)

    I moan like I'm being molested by the Sun, twist and turn in my bed sheets until an hour passed and I'm finally dragging myself out to go chug some sugary stuff my body's craving.

  • OldTallGuy

    Get my wife to laugh, even if it's at me it's worth it to hear her giggle and tell me I'm crazy. At least for a little while it brightens my day and I hope it brightens hers..