What are some of best Science Fiction books you've read?

I was just curious as to what others may have read that they would recommend.

To start out, I just finished up 'The Martian' and was blown away. It is a very fast paced read that I absolutely devoured, and didn't find anything that dragged or was even remotely boring.

'World War Z' was also a great read, and I was incredibly disappointed with the movie. NOTHING like the book. Boo!

'Wool - The Silo Series' isn't quite as fast a read, but still very easy to sink into.

So what does everyone have to recommend?

7 years ago by PushPull with 11 comments

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  • papervoid

    The movies are often nothing like the book. Dune for example. As an initial dive into SciFi, you can't really go wrong with Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep, Snow Crash, The End of Eternity, Brave New World, or Stranger in a Strange Land.

    • PushPull (edited 7 years ago)

      I got about half way through Stranger in a Strange Land. Began to drag a bit for me. It was a few years ago, before I transitioned to e-books, perhaps I'll give it another shot.

      And on that note, I really liked The Moon is a Harsh Mistress. Heinlein is such a great writer!

      • papervoid

        Ah, true. There are some slower bits. But I think they're worth chugging through for the rest of the book.

  • OldTallGuy (edited 7 years ago)

    The White Plague by Frank Herbert - It's about a genetic scientist who loses his wife and daughter to a terrorist attack, he unleashes a plague. It was scary to me because it seems to be a real possibility.

    Inferno by Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle - A Science Fiction writer's modernized trip through Dante's hell.

    Lucifer's Hammer by Niven and Pournelle - The story of society before and after a comet slams into the Earth.

    Some Classics: The Foundation Series by Issac Azimov

    Dune by Frank Herbert. The only book I really enjoyed in the series was the first one.

    Stranger in a Strange Land - Robert A. Heinlein

    Anything written by Arthur C. Clark.

  • Gozzin

    I also enjoyed Wool. These are some of my favorite sf books.

    Louis Mcmaster Bujold, Miles Vorkosigan Saga is quite good. I just finished the last book in the series.

    The Uplift War, by David Brin. Three books and he's planning a forth I've read.

    The Enemy Papers, Barry B Longyear. (Don't watch Enemy Mine,the movie trashed the first book in this trilogy.)

    Fuzzy Nation, by John Scalzi

    Sime/Gen series, Jacqueline Lichtenberg

    The Left Hand Of Darkness, Ursulak Le Guin

    The Hunger Games; Suzanne Collins

    The Chanur Saga, CJ Cherryh.

    Parasite; Mira Grant

    I especially enjoy human alien conflicts or books without humans,but they are hard to find. Dragons Egg by Robert L. Forward is one, another is Walls Of Ancient Stone by KL Schaefer. And last,but not least, The Alien Chronicles by Deborah Chester.

  • zerozechs

    Heinlein. The moon is a harsh mistress, tunnel in the sky, starship troopers, farmer in the sky, and the sixth column are among my favorite books, period.

  • theSIRius

    Jules Verne. He's pretty popular here in Europe. In his time his inventions used to be sci-fi but today they seem more like a steam punk. At least I think. Anyway they are really good!

  • Endymion

    1. Hyperion Cantos

    2. The Dervish House

    3. The Expanse series

    4. Great North Road

    5. Accelerando

    Of course I love the obvious classics too, these are more like my recent favorites I guess. I'm currently reading Seveneves which I'm loving so far.

    If you loved reading The Martian check out the audiobook sometime later, IT'S AMAZING! I listened to right after reading the book, in fact it was my first audiobook. Can't wait for the movie. As a chief of /t/disco, it's not surprising I don't like him 100%, just 99.2% :)

  • AllanT44

    I really enjoyed Ender's Games by Orson Scott Card.

  • septimine

    The circle


    Foundation and Empire series.

  • Autumnal

    The Forge Of God by Greg Bear, and pretty much anything else by Greg Bear.

    Also huge into William Gibson.