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What made you choose Snapzu?

3 years ago by 5irKarl with 15 comments

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  • Xeno

    It's so purrrty.

    But seriously, It not being a Reddit clone was a big thing for me... If I'm gonna leave a place I don't like for its policies, I at least want a new face.

    After lurking around a bit, I really like the community... it seems a lot less in my face most of the time. With larger communities I always feel like I'm getting buried underneath stuff and at least for now I can have a minor presence when posting instead of an ignored one.

    Now after being on Snapzu for a couple days there are a lot of things layout-wise that I like too.

  • uncrtv

    I chose Snapzu because it had a small community. People are generally nicer to each other, and you can be sure that you will get people to notice and reply to your comments. It's also not too small so there is plenty of content and discussion around the site.

  • KingWizard

    I chose Snapzu for the looks, the community, and the exp system. I used to be a lurker on reddit and never got to involved in commenting but I love the fact that this site rewards people for posting by unlocking features. The site looks great and not as clunky as reddit looks to me. Also everyone here is extremely friendly which makes me even more inclined to post comments and reply.

  • SakuraPanko

    I love the design of the site. It looks very polished and intuitive. Also, the experience system is a wonderful trap to get people involved and keep from lurking.

  • BBC

    It looks amazing and it's nice to be somewhere other than Reddit, the people here seem great and it's more of a community.

  • phosphorescent

    The design. It's beautiful. It's also similar to reddit with a few more nice features, and the community is so welcoming and open.

  • Zorgon

    It feels fresh, and the community isn't too big or awful.

    Most importantly, I'm hoping that this will be a good place to come that doesn't shut down for an entire day as a result of inner community problems.

    But I think y'all got something positive here, and I'm really looking forward to ways I can contribute and help this community grow! It kind of feels like the Oklahoma Land Run or Lewis and Clarke's Expedition.

  • NameTaken

    Because voat was down and I didn't know what to pick between the two. I came here and saw it had a really nice interface and community and that won me over straight away.

  • KYSoze

    Honestly, I haven't quite decided yet. I'm jumping around between Voat, Snapzu and Hubski right now, with Snapzu a close second behind Voat. Though I'm appreciating the discussion aspect of Snapzu.

  • ColonBowel

    The vibe of the community seems much more welcoming that other sites I've been on. However, the circle jerk about how the awesomeness of Snapzu is getting old.

  • Hothordes

    out with old and in with the new!

  • redalastor

    Because I think before long, Voat will be toxic. Snapzu seems a better long term bet.

  • VoyagerXyX

    Initially it was the user interface. I was enthralled by the scheme of things and the beautiful animations and clean icon sets as well as it's ease to read. It was the community that led me to decide to stay though. Once you get a taste you just can't get away. The fact that I can post without fear of hate and bullying really played on me after my first thirty or so minutes on the site. I realized people would react positively when I had something to share that I thought others would enjoy reading about or discussing. This really warmed my heart and ultimately this is why I chose to stay.

    • Gozzin

      The fact that I can post without fear of hate and bullying really played on me after my first thirty or so minutes on the site.

      I feel the same way. It's so different that Reddit. I mainly lurked there except for a few subs I enjoyed. I also like the look of Snapzu and the gamey feel as well. It's not pandering to the lowest common denominator either. I also like how people treat each other and I sincerely hope trolls don't get a toe hold in here.

  • DirtyCommie

    After I deleted my reddit account I began looking for a new online home. I tried Voat first but I didn't really like it. My brother has an account here so he gave me an invite code and so far I love it. The site looks great and the smaller community reminds me of my time on smaller websites I frequented before I joined reddit.