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  • Teakay

    Oh, I've already seen all of The Hobbit movies! And unlike a lot of people, I absolutely adored them all. The only part I wasn't thrilled with was Tauriel, not because she's a bad character, but because I felt like Peter Jackson was submitting to the typical "we have to have a romance for the movie to be a hit!" mindset.

    Honestly, though this will be a REALLY unpopular opinion... I might enjoy the movies more than the book. As this is my third time through The Hobbit, but the first time after seeing the movies, I'd forgotten how... I'm not sure, unnoticed?... most of the dwarves went. While Peter Jackson might have strayed from the feeling of the book somewhat, I really enjoyed how he and the actors gave each dwarf their own very distinct personality and how the characters were almost more developed in the movies than in the book. The book concerns itself mostly with the story of the adventure itself, while the movies show us the adventures and give us a look at the characters that we didn't have before. I still love the book dearly, but I can't pretend to hate the movies even a little.

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