• Phexous

    I was 20 (and still am), a little later than some; I had never really drank a lot before. My Girlfriend and I had a friend over and we had a roommate who was 22 and he picked up a few bottles of hard liquor; some fireball, some butterscotch something, some Malibu, and a few other bottles. I was going shot for shot with my roommate with some "Fire extinguishers (Fireball, ice-cream, and coffee creamer)" and after about 8 shots of that we did some of the butterscotch stuff then started some other random shots for the rest of the night. by the end of the night I was much more social with the people that were there and after a while I threw up the best tasting vomit I have ever had come out of me. Luckily the next day I woke up without a hangover, the roommate said I had lasted like 15 shots in the shot for shot contest. Fun Times for sure. I haven't drank much since, maybe the occasional rum and coke.