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  • utesred


    It seems like the most pointless exercise in existence. I hate it. I hate it SO bad. It takes forever, and before long - it's back to how it was.

    • idlethreat

      I used to have a pretty bad weed problem in the front yard. Started cutting my grass a lot higher (3") and it seems to have solved the problem nicely. From what I read, cutting it higher promotes more growth (since it doesn't have to grow back as much after every cutting). More grass growth starves out everything else trying to get into your lawn (namely, the crab grass).

      That being said, it grows quicker faster when you cut less back. So, you end up mowing more often. Unless it rains, then by the time you get out with the lawn mower it will be tickling your chin.

      This time of year I do get a couple of bits that come up. Normally just pull them out and toss when mowing.

      • Qukatt

        we have this weed here called Fireweed. That shit can grow literally anywhere it doesn't need anything for it's roots they just creep along the stone or whatever.

        So on the upside they're easy to pick out and all the roots come with it pretty much 99% of the time. On the downside they grow faster than triffids and grow everywhere. They make feathery windswept seeds too so they can't be stopped ¬_¬ wouldn't matter if everyone in town made an effort it would just blow in from the countryside verges and wooded areas.

        Costs me a bomb in gutter cleaning