• leetmoaf

    Man, I always take time to learn how to tie a tie. But then I forget a day later. Every knot except the half Windsor, that is.

    • Muffintop

      I struggled remembering how to tie a tie as well. I would learn how to do it but forget it immediately after. One thing that helped me is that rabbit and the fox rhyme. I can't find the exact version nor remember where I heard it, but I found this:

      This is how you tie a tie: The rabbit hops over the log, the rabbit crawls under the log, the rabbit runs around the log, one more time—because the rabbit is trying to outsmart the fox, and the rabbit dives into his rabbit hole.

      Or there's a song on Youtube.

      Anyway, ever since that I can tie a tie any time. Happy Ending!

    • anonycon

      Best way to learn to tie a knot is to find someone who will walk you through it. I found a guy who walked me through tying a double-windsor, and I have pretty much never done anything else. It pops, and people do notice a difference.

      Learning a good bow tie (now that's hard) is nice too.