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    I also get surprised sometimes at some reactions of things I may say. I find a lot of times things get taken out of context, or I have a different interpretation of something, or I just didn't communicate very well (90%). Some people take the time to reach at least an understanding, not always agreement, and that's great, and sometimes things just turn to blind ranting and taking things further and further away.

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      Ha ha yes! Beware of dry irony- our northern brothers and sisters may not quite get the Australian humour unfortunately. I guess what does come across is people's values- that comes across to me in your posts and comments.

      I can have a dark sense of humour too but it kind of loses its zing when you have to put an explanatory caveat in there. The amount of times I've not posted a comment, because without the accompanying non verbal cues, makes me sound like a psychopath, is quite numerous.

    • Boudicca

      I agree. It's quite easy to misread or have a different interpretation of a comment. It's when people then react and become keyboard warriors instead of asking for clarification that it can get a bit hectic.

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      this is why i decided to embrace fully the use of emoticons, reaction GIFS and now the rise of "stickers" (which, to be fair, are basically custom made gifs for this purpose). I know a lot of people are rather curmudgeonly about it all and talk about how it's dumbing down conversation or whatever but to me I find that it helps highlight the tone of a post or comment where the visual and aural cues are missing.

      Just to have that little fat cat being like "huh?" or "phew!" in parts of the post or to have impish Picard wink just helps people establish the mindset of the poster and allows you to see it from their place rather than yours.


    • Boudicca
      @Qukatt -

      Yes, I would agree with you on that.