What makes you decide to follow someone on Snapzu?

I am curious as to what determines people's choices to follow a Snapzu user. A few reasons for me are : Same interests- so I can see content that is in line with my interests Very different interests/opinions-so I can expand my interests, discover content that I may not have seen otherwise, avoid shutting myself into an echo chamber. Humour

8 years ago by Boudicca with 30 comments

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Conversation 8 comments by 5 users
  • SevenTales (edited 8 years ago)

    Generally, I like the personality of the person I'm following. I find their comments well-thought/deep/funny/insert positive adjective here, and that made me want to follow them.
    Or I talk to them on IRC everyday. Shoutout to the #snapzu IRC gang :P

    • greengabe

      People still use IRC???

      • racerxonclar

        Hey hey, don't be knocking IRC. :P

        • Wenjarich

          Hey! it's my almost fellow role playing friend :P Sup!

      • SevenTales

        Yeah they do! if you ever want to try it again, irc.freenode.net room #snapzu :P

        • click

          I tried and it wasn't working. I'll give it a try again :)

          • SevenTales

            I think I saw you there today, sorry I was at work :P

            • click (edited 8 years ago)

              haha. That's alright ;)

              It would be neat if at some point there would be a snapzu irc server though (so you can claim nicks, have channels for different tribes, etc).

Conversation 11 comments by 5 users
  • Qukatt

    Im just an unrepentant stalker.

    I dunno, i follow people with consistently good snaps or if i think they share my humour ooorrr if they're localish to me (stalking) or if i just keep bumping into them here in multiple threads (and pretty sure they're stalking me xD)

    and crafty people, i love seeing Makes :)

    • Boudicca

      Funny you should say that. When I first joined Snapzu I wasn't familiar with the following feature, then a notification popped up that said xxx is now following you. I had like a 2 second spasm of fear before I realised what it meant.

      • [Deleted Profile]

        [This comment was removed]

  • a7h13f

    If I find that they have similar tastes / interests as I do OR if I find that they generate great content and discussions!

  • ppp

    I usually follow once the name becomes recognizable and I like their stuff.

  • Appaloosa

    Interesting snaps and good, rational discussions....and I really like a sense of humor.

  • jenjen1352

    They have that certain je ne sais quoi - humour, knowledge, quirks, whatever.

    • cailihphiliac

      Aww! I found this after you followed me and I wanted to see who you were.

    • Bastou

      French speakers all have that certain je ne sais quoi... Je ne saurais dire pourquoi par contre...

  • OldTallGuy

    If a person is new and has posted something interesting I'll follow them automatically, I'd like to see what else they have to say. I think it helps to make them feel more a part of the community and encourages them to post more.

  • racerxonclar (edited 8 years ago)

    I actually don't use the follow feature. At least not so far. It feels kind of awkward to me being a Reddit exile, since I didn't even use it's friend system. In fact, I kinda don't use the personal feed system either >.>

    Bumping into familiar names within the tribes I follow or posts that make the front page has proven good enough for me :)

  • Fooferhill

    I'm after a variety of interests, particularly in areas I would not think to look at myself. I love really diverse content that makes me think, particularly opinion, analysis and events. I will pretty quickly unfollow those who act like self appointed police of the Internet though. There are some people who are so rule oriented and then spend way too much time enforcing arbitrary rules on others. It speaks volumes about their personality and I'm not interested in interacting with those types.