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What Show/Movie had the best soundtrack?

4 years ago by Quietrabbit with 9 comments

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  • ImNotASchizo

    Pretty much every movie where Hans Zimmer made the soundtrack. My personal favorite is Interstellar, it gives them goosebumps;)

  • MyAnacondaDoes

    I'm a bit of a super-fan, but my vote is for Back to The Future. The whole orchestral soundtrack has a wondrous sci-fi hint, and Huey Lewis's commissions really tie the whole thing together. Without the sound design it had, I don't think the movie would even feel the same.

  • anonycon

    A soundtrack which was shockingly good was The Princess Bride, actually written by Mark Knopfler, lead for Dire Straits, and it's really darn good.

  • AinBaya

    The movie Chef had a brilliant soundtrack that complimented the scenes excellently

  • spaceghoti

    I'm still geeking out over Daft Punk's soundtrack for Tron: Legacy.

  • idlethreat (edited 4 years ago)

    For me, I think that the soundtrack to The Crow was amazing. The songs seemed to capture the gritty reality of the world in which The Crow inhabited.

    Nine Inch Nails did an amazing remake of Dead Souls that, I think sounds even better than the original. I think that Golgotha Tenement Blues by Machines of Loving Grace is probably one of the finest tracks recorded in the mid-90's. Hell, even the Cure track was even darker and harder than garden variety The Cure.

    It's a splendid soundtrack that goes well with the movie. Stands on it's own, even today.

    Dammit. Now I gotta go find my copy and watch it again.

  • Cobbydaler

    2001 and Lawrence of Arabia in movies.

  • Nerdbiscuit

    I think the original Star Wars trilogy's soundtrack was brilliant and I think it's a lot of the reason the movie was so successful. When every other sci-fi movie of the period has a zany electronic soundtrack, Star Wars has this grand, brassy, orchestral masterpiece backing its energy up. I think that decision is one of the reasons those movies stand the test of time. John Williams is the man.