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  • stitches

    Day job: I work in Research admin (nursing, midwifery and social work) which is really interesting (to me anyway!). I am the little cog that keeps about 150 other cogs turning and brings them together in one slick machine. I do a bit of everything, write policy, report the committees, comms and marketing, intranet pages, sickness, absence and a million other things. I love it because it is so varied.

    Part time:

    - I am a Parter in a burlesque business, now retired performer. We run a bi-monthly society meet up and source performers for private an corporate events an run burlesque hen parties in the north west. I am also, newly, assistant editor of 21st century burlesque
    - I blog for Time Out Manchester
    - I have a sewing blog that I get sent free stuff to review or make and I am self employed as a seamstress, so I make a few bits and bobs for people and other businesses

    I love all of the above as they're way more creative than my full time day job and if I didn't have them to keep me going I'd probably be very sad. Having the balance is really important to my happiness I've found.