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    I suppose "cook" is really relative with this dish, but I'll post it anyway. Me and the wife have this at least once a month. Always good and filling

    - make up about 4 servings of rice

    - open a can of pinto beans

    - can of whole kernel corn (or frozen corn. either way)

    Heat it all up separately as how you like it. Season each as needed.

    - brown up a pound of ground beef, mix in taco seasoning as per package directions

    In a bowl you add:

    1/4 cup each of rice, pinto beans, corn, and taco meat. Top with a healthy handful of lettuce, some sour cream and picante sauce if you got room. A bit of hot sauce works great, too.

    Mix it all up and you have a massive, filling dinner for 300 calories. I call it 'ghetto chipotle' since it's basically all the same ingredients that I would have in a chipotle bowl.

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      That sounds very good and cheap!