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  • Ranmaru

    Reddit won't die. Not unless the admins actively shut the whole thing down. Just like /u/bogdan said, the niche communities will keep it running. The exodus of users is more similar to pissed off 4chan users running of to 8chan. It still didn't kill 4chan, it just shifted the userbase a little.

    Also note that everyone has a different reason to leave and thus ends up in a different new community. The people who were pissed about FPH getting nuked mostly wandered off to Voat, if I understood that correctly, the reasons of users coming here is probably different. For me it was just that Reddit because too big and the popular subs I liked were completely filled with trolls and spammers and it was virtually impossible to have any good discussions there. So I ended up giving Snapzu a try hoping that the smaller userbase gives me what I've been missing on Reddit.

    I like it so far.

    • TallSkinny

      I agree, I felt like this was a good time to explore other communities, but I've been frustrated with Reddit for awhile. Mostly because the quality of most comments was pretty poor. I loved the story sharing aspect of subs like AskReddit, but a lot of the time there were only a few good root comments, and most of the replies were garbage. And AskReddit was one of the better subs for that.

      • TheDylantula

        I really hope /t/AskSnapzu turns into a sub very similar to what AskReddit was. That's the biggest thing I miss from Reddit.

        • Heaven

          Honestly, askreddit has been turning to shit for the past year and a half, I hope this tribe becomes askreddit from like 3-5 years ago.

    • Schwut

      I posted above on /u/bogdan comment but I don't want to repeat myself. I left for essentially the same reasons that you do. I believe that comments can be just as valuable if not more valuable than the original post and on Reddit all I ever see any more is 95% trolling or spamming.

      If enough people do permanently leave Reddit and the user base shifts, it will be interesting to see what the community ends up like. I'm sure the smaller subs won't change much, but I'd like to see what the more popular subs end up like.