If the phrase "You are what you eat" is true, what three foods would you taste most like?

I think I'd taste of blueberry yogurt, granola, and chicken : )

5 years ago by captainjib with 16 comments

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  • Odd

    Chicken, onion & broccoli for sure.

  • freespirit

    Peanut butter, Greek yogurt and chicken. Oats are a close fourth.

  • madjo

    Peanut butter (the dutch kind, not the american kind), liquorice and strawberries.

  • leetmoaf

    I would have the unique flavor (and slightly disgusting combination) of Kraft Dinner, clam chowder, and cheeseburgers.

  • AinBaya

    I would like to taste of burgers, ribs and seasoned chips but in all honesty i probably would taste like rice, noodles, and potatoes

  • BlankWindow

    Tomato, Sriracha, onion. mmmmmmm :)

    • idlethreat

      I've never wanted to pour another human being over a bed of fresh noodles before.

      If this is wrong, I don't wanna be right

      • Xeno

        We just need some egg.

      • BlankWindow

        If it was of 4 items noodles would be up there with them.

  • acidicwombat

    Salsa, cheese and noodles. Which in all honesty probably isn't that bad??

  • lustig

    Tea, chicken, and bread! Yummay c:

  • Xeno (edited 5 years ago)

    Xxtra flamin' hot cheetos, hot and sour soup, and Gin