• kevino025

    We used to have one of those plastic knifes. The ones that were supposed to stay sharp longer and be better at cutting stuff. I used to use it a lot, and sometimes I would try it on my skin to see if it would cut me. I would actually apply a bit of pressure. And not once did it cut me. One night I was cutting something with it and ran it across my arm, since it became somewhat of a habit at that point, when my mom got freaked. I calmly told here that there was no way I was gonna cut myself since Ive done it many times before, I then tried again to cut my finger to show her that it was fine, and that's when it happened. I sliced my fingertip. It was rather deep, considering the amount of pressure I applied. I quickly drop the knife. My mom scare shitless(most likely at her son, for doing something so stupid) quickly rushed to see how badly I had cut myself. I still look at my index finger and see my fingerprint sliced in half and somewhat displaced.