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The last physical object you purchased is found as a murder weapon with your fingerprints on it. How screwed are you and why?

4 years ago by spacepopper with 10 comments

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  • jenjen1352

    Not very. The killer must have fished the empty milk carton out of the recycling bin which sits out front. I doubt I would have much trouble with the police about that. Questions would most likely have to do with when the bin is emptied and when did I last wash out the milk cartons, squash them flat and put them in the bin. There are a few in there now if anyone wants to make use of them.

    Great question btw!

  • canuck

    My new keyboard must have been used to beat someone to death after a heated Counter Strike multiplayer battle turned into a rage quit gone wrong.

  • ttubravesrock

    I'm screwed. I bought Boss Nachos for lunch yesterday.

  • CrookedTale

    Screwed. The last thing I purchased was the winning power-ball lottery ticket for tonight 450+ million dollar jackpot. I already signed it sooo..... Plus they would impound it as evidence.

  • manix

    I shoved a big mac down someone's throat and they choked?

  • spaceghoti

    "Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury, the prosecution intends to demonstrate that the defendant purchased the can of diced tomatoes with clear malicious intent."

  • edmb

    Some pop tarts... I'm fairly safe, as no one would believe that a pop tart was used to bludgeon someone to death.