What useful life skill can be mastered in a month or less?

Looking to try and learn something new.

7 years ago by funhonestdude with 5 comments

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  • drunkenninja (edited 7 years ago)

    Taking small gadgets apart for cleaning and fixing. It may sound like it's complex and a lot of work but in reality only needs a small investment of tools and patience. Pretty much every item that can break has a playable step by step youtube guide on how to fix it, clean it and even DIY modify it. Youtube is a powerful thing, and doing just a few small diy projects can tremendously increase your skill level. A long time ago people used to repair things, now we live in a world of disposable items. It's amazing how many can actually be quickly and easily fixed.

  • canuck

    Getting into a proper fitness routine.

  • OL44893

    Using a pressure cooker to make moonshine. Okay, more seriously. I taught myself how to write apps. Took about a month to get a decent basic one that I wanted and then I was able to tweak it and learn more. There's free app developer software from MIT to use MIT App Inventor and I reckon there is something similar for iPhone apps.