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How did you get your scar?

2 years ago by funhonestdude with 8 comments

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  • weekendhobo

    Ran into a tree like the stupid kid I was. 2 inch gash on my dome.

  • FivesandSevens

    Trying to pull open a door my friend was holding shut from the other side. Braced myself against a small window pane with my free hand to pull harder. Hand went through the window, which cut my wrist deeply in that scary spot. It bled, immediately. I was on my paper route and had to run 4 blocks home - this is way before cell phones - thinking I was going to bleed out before my parents could get me to the ER.

    As it turned out, I missed the big vein but nicked a tendon. The tendon has been sort of lumpy under the scar ever since, I think because of exposure to air (I could see it clearly before they stitched me up). So now I have a "suicide" scar on my right wrist, and when I curl my middle or ring fingers the tendon lumps move under the scar as the tendon lengthens and contracts, which is pretty cool/gross.

  • Bastou

    Two worth mentioning :

    1. I was learning how to ski when I was 3 years old. I was going up the hill on those round plate-like lifts that you put between your legs, and when I got off, and threw it away, I managed to hit myself on the chin, while my tongue was between my teeth. I bit hard enough to section a small part of my tongue (it was completely loose in my mouth). Needless to say within a few seconds there was a circle of blood about 3 feet wide around me. I got brought to the hospital and, since I still had the tongue bit in my mouth, they could stitch it back. So I have a few stitch marks on the tip of my tongue.

    2. When I was a teenager, we lived in an apartment building where the main door was made of glass, with a window the same height right next to it. One day, that window got broken (I don't know how) and didn't get replaced for a few weeks, so out of laziness we all ended up passing through the open hole in the wall instead of opening the door next to it. When they finally replaced it, and put a red tape about eye level of teen-aged me, we returned to using the door, but a few days later, I just bought some cool thing and was completely absorbed by it, I wasn't paying attention to where I was going and out of habit just went through the window (I didn't see the red tape because I was looking down at the thing I had in my hands). I broke the window, fell on the broken glass with both hands and had another batch of stitches all around my palms.

  • jenjen1352

    Indentations on my forehead through making contact with a pointed rock. The rock was in the ground at the time. Nice thin white line all the way round the fingerprint of my right middle finger. Broken glass in the sink. Half inch cross on my left forearm . Razor blade met teenage stupidity.

  • Harvo

    I fell going up some stairs after my first experience with Tequila.

  • Deagle

    After the earthquake I riding my bike over bumps in the footpath, using them as jumps and generally being stupid, kid-style. I tried to beat my brother over one of them, both of us wouldn't fit so naturally I fell down. As I was falling the handlebars of the bike twisted to the side and the brake lever went into my leg about 2in - 3in.

    It hurt, I had several stitches in it then a funky scar that has faded over the years.

  • TannedGiant

    I was prying out some hardwood flooring with a crowbar and the crowbar slipped out of my hand hit me right in the middle of my right eyebrow. Could've lost an eye, but lucked out and just have a little slice of hair missing from the center of my eyebrow.

  • PushPull (edited 2 years ago)

    Most obvious/visible ones...

    1) The 'x' shaped scar on my neck was two separate instances three months apart involving an M4 and some hot spent brass. Pro-tip: spent brass right out of the weapon is hot enough to cause a blister/burn. Yes, I lived through that twice, in the same exact spot on my neck.

    2) Chisel through the fat edge of my left hand. All the way through. Fortunately (or not, not exactly sure) the chisel was razor sharp.

    3) Right foot, smallish round scar from a piece of hot welding slag melting through the top of my non-leather hiking boot.

    4) Left forearm, nice long series of reddish discolorations from a hiking fall in which said forearm met some rather non-smooth rocks at the same moment the back of my right thigh met a prickly pear cactus. Pretty sure that some of those thorns are still nestled in there.

    5) Right forearm, 4" raised scar, cut from something or another, I really don't remember.