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What are you listening to right now?

Let's see how wild our various musical tastes are... or how much we listen to the droning of computer fans :P

"Zircon - System" for me.
YouTube / Spotify (Better quality)

3 years ago by racerxonclar with 34 comments

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  • spaceghoti

    Mozart's Konzert Nr. 16 D-Dur, KV 451: I. Allegro assai from 1982, by the English Chamber Orchestra. Murray Perahia, soloist and conductor.

  • drunkenninja

    My fridge is making ice cubes and it's finally raining. The sound of rain is soothing.

  • ressmox

    At this exact instant? I'm listening to Seabed, an album by Vondelpark. It's my go to 'hungover and feeling lazy' listen. In general I listen to a fairly wide variety of different things.

    Spotify Link

  • zyrthofar

    I very rarely listen to music, so "nothing" would be my answer.

    I would like to get a Spotify account, but I can't decide on headsets... Also, I fear this would create a dependance, and that I won't be able to work if I don't have some music playing (I'm a programmer). Is that a valid fear?

    • racerxonclar

      I'd assume something like that would depend on the person. In my case, I can do things without music, I just have a harder time focusing. Been that way my whole life. Music ends up being something my brain can dump excess power into so I don't distract myself :P

  • QuietKerfuffle

    At this exact moment, I'm listening to The History of the Ancient World by Susan Wise Bauer.

    But in my car, I've been listening to a lot of Stevie Wonder.

  • Nerdbiscuit

    Devil in a New Dress by Kanye West, featuring Rick Ross. Great song, not even top five on this album though.

  • Gozzin

    My computer fans.

    • canuck

      Mine sound like jet engines.

  • hitthee

    I've been really depressed of late so I've been delving back into the past because it reminds me of happier times and people I've lost over the years.

    What have I been listening to? trance >< God help me I used to be a raver ><

    • racerxonclar

      No shame in trance :) I listen to it too among other things

  • Teakay

    I'm on an audiobook kick right now, so I'm just finishing up The Hobbit (for the third time). After that it will be the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Before that it was a couple of Georgette Heyer novels, and before that it was the entire Queen discography several times over.

  • Zephyrium

    My teammates solve problems for people ... I'm in IT Support

  • massani

    Inner City Blues by Marvin Gaye.

  • DrunkOldMan

    Live365.com, Glamnation or 181fm.com 80's hairband / Rock 40, good stuff..............

  • Civil

    Good Times Bad Times - Vitamin String Quartet

  • ttubravesrock

    the last 5 artists have been; John Mayer, Yelawolf, Delta Generators, Thelonious Monk, and Chris Webby.

  • Francopoli

    I'm still listening to V the Musical from last year. Arguably the best thing ever to come out of 4chan. Note that some of the lyrics are of course not safe for work.

  • dmerit

    Rush -YYZ on Morow.com