What are some things that kids born today will never experience?

6 years ago by 8mm with 15 comments

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  • septimine


    It's almost completely gone now. If you're carrying a smartphone, you're being tracked. Every time you search or post or visit a website, Google and Facebook log it. It's already happened a few times to people that they've been denied jobs because of something on their social media. With even more perfect knowledge of who you are and who you hang out with, this is going to be a huge part of your future. You have to curate these things, not be friends with the wrong sort of people, not look at or visit the wrong websites.

    I think it's sad, because we've essentially created a totalitarian society without the government.

  • ckshenn

    Driving a car. I think that in 16 years cars will be illegal to be hand driven in most parts of the country. It just wont really be worth it to get a licence.

  • blitzen

    Having to rewind a VHS before returning it to the rental store.

  • Bastou

    Probably television the way most of us understand it : having to wait a week to watch your favorite show, endure a few series of repeating ads and stuff like that. Or even feeling bored and flipping on the TV to see what's on. Instead, they will check recommendations in social media or their preferred TV on demand app and watch anything that interests them this way, always starting at the beginning of the show.

  • marenmor


    • bradd

      Not if they end up in prison.

  • PushPull

    Spending a couple hours scouring through the bins of the record store.

    The joy of having to wait out a flooded carburator. (Bonus; having a bunch of your classmates in high-school help to push start your car after you forgot to turn off your lights.)

    Being asked (or yelled at) to get off the phone because your parents were expecting a call from someone. (Bonus; Busy signals)

    Paper Routes. Not these car routes that they have today, but honest to goodness ride-your-bike-at-5am-in-whatever-weather-is-happening-right-now paper routes.

    Depending on where you're from, flood irrigation for your yard/property. This was a huge deal in the summer time for us. That meant playtime.

    I'm sure that I'm missing several.

  • Bizilbur (edited 6 years ago)

    Polio. #only20thcenturykidsgetthis

  • jenjen1352

    Life without smartphones. My son commented on this the other day, with some consternation.

    The joys of your favourite cassette tape snapping beyond repair. I do not miss that!