• AinBaya (edited 6 years ago)

    I find myself paying a lot of attention to my surroundings during commutes, I love the mechanics of things (just how everything 'invisible' operates and just a lot of stuff than can go unnoticed). I often like to fiddle with settings pages so I can get a jist of how things work so I can fix it later or change it. It's hard to think of examples but I just pay attention to small things and large patterns (like watching flocks of people in a courtyard). What about you?

    • baron778

      Mechanics, now that's a word I can attest to describing my fascination with my surroundings. Like the miniature ecosystems of insects, the mechanics of chance during random events and the implausibility and minuscule odds of repeating them just like before. I tend to focus on people and how little effort it takes to be themselves while others try so hard to be different, to be someone else, someone they want to be. I enjoy the fact that every single item created by nature or by man has a purpose, the odd objects are the most fascinating because sometimes it's difficult to figure out where and why they are there. Ok, I think I'll stop now.