• smackababy

    I'm going to go against the grain here and say yes, it's absolutely at a manageable size. However, actually knocking things off has been slow the past couple of weeks, I've been as busy as a son-of-a-gun recently.

    If I may get reflective for a minute, I think the biggest change in my thinking as a cultural consumer over the past few years is learning when to let stuff go from that pile without feeling guilty. Having a full-time job rather than being in college probably facilitated this change - having money but not time rather than time but not money. For example: I'm never going to beat Wasteland 2. That's ok, because even though the ending might be great and I'd probably have a good time playing it, I already got a lot of enjoyment out of it and there's so much else out there. And, by not feeling obligated to sit down and play it, I freed up the time and energy to play a few smaller games on my list, like Her Story and Endless Space. I probably won't ever watch Game of Thrones but I sure as heck am going to watch the next season of Kimmy Schmidt and read Saga.

    • emmg

      I've decided to read game of thrones instead of watching it. Because I have more opportunities to read than to sit down and actually watch a television series. And apparently they're good books. I started the first tomb last year and the format is really fun.